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I am new to YOGA PACE, any preparation needed before class?

  • you may bring a towel and wear your favourite yoga wear, or any sportswear or causal wear which you feel comfortable for practising yoga

  • it is very important to keep hydrated by drinking water both before and after class, feel free to bring a bottle of water with you

  • we have mats, blocks, straps and bolsters for everyone in the class, and the teacher will instruct you for other equipment if needed

  • Indeed, we suggest you to email us, we will recommend the class and teacher for you

how to purchase a class package? 

  • select a package plan here, complete the payment procedure

  • contact us for credits input after payment is settled ( kindly whatsapp us at (+852) 9854 4757 for credit activation) 

  • go to mindbody booking system to book 

how to register for an online booking account?

any surcharge or hidden cost for the membership?

  • no worries, there is no other additional cost apart from the package value

how to enroll a class booking online?

  • follow few steps will do, click here

  • create or login to your mindbody account (make sure you have purchased our packages and contacted us for credits activation)

  • select one of our classes and click on the "book"

  • you will see your booking record in your mindbody account once you have successfully enrolled in a class

what if I forgot my login password?

  • you can choose forgot password before login

  • type in your registered email address and click "reset my password"

  • then follow the guidelines to reset your password easily

  • contact us or mindbody for help

how to cancel the class I booked? what's the cancellation policy? 

  • login our booking system and enter to the booked classes, you can click "cancel" then

  • class bookings can be cancelled 12 hours before class. no reason will be accepted for absence or late cancellation, sickness or injuries with medical certificates will be considered

  • you will be treated as "late cancels / no show" afterwards, hence 1 class credit will be deducted from your package

why can't I enroll in a class?

  • hmm, have you login into the booking system yet?

  • orr, is your package expired or used up?

  • well, maybe the class is fully registered...

  • if not any of the above, please contact us!

what to do in bad weather?

  • don't let the raindrops stop your practice :) but we definitely care about your safety

  • we will continue our classes unless there is an announcement of Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above, or Black Rainstorm Warning, pre-warning thereof, all classes will be canceled or postponed

  • all classes will be returned to normal two hours after the black rainstorm warning is lowered, no fees will be refunded if you missed the class. 

do you offer private 1on1 or group class?

  • yes we do. we offer private classes for 1 to 3 persons (HKD 900 per hour) and private group classes for a maximum of 8 persons (HKD 1,900 per hour)

  • please email us for further enquiries and class booking

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